“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want, faith is the belief that God will do what is right.”  (Max Lucado)

I love Max Lucado and I’ve read this quote many, many times.  I’ve even posted it a few times on Facebook.  But, I guess that I’ve never really considered what it really meant until now.  Most times, we say that we have faith that God has a plan and a purpose for us, and that His plans are better than ours.  True?
But, how many times do we get upset when those plans don’t match ours?

Having faith means also having it when things don’t go our way….. when the healing doesn’t come…. when our hearts get broke anyway…… when someone lets us down……. when we don’t get the job……  when we don’t do well on the test….. when we hit struggles…… when the climb isn’t always easy….. when someone we love dies….. when the roller coaster called life refuses to slow down…… when times are scary….. when the doctor doesn’t come to us with good news…. You know, all the bad, scary, hard times.

BUT, true faith is the belief that God is still in control and He knows what is best for us.  He doesn’t take things away to be mean to us.  He removes things in our life because He has something better planned for us…. and you can take that to the bank!  He wants us to trust Him, to trust His plans for us, to trust him fully even when we can’t trace His hand.  Hear this (or read this) clearly:  HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING!  When we are facing struggles, or hard times, or hurts….it isn’t because He is a mean God…NOWAY!  It is to bring us closer to  Him.  It is to deepen our faith.  It is to refine us into His image.  It is to show us a better way.  It is to empty us of things that hurt or hinder so that He can fill us with things that empower and strengthen!

For every time that God allows struggles, pain, or suffering into our lives is His way of bringing us to a new, deeper, stronger faith/relationship with Him (if we will let it).  Sometimes I think we get so mired down in our worries and struggles that we settle for them instead of seeing what God is doing (or going to do) around the very next corner, if only we’ll have enough faith to see it through.

Why not, next time you are facing some sort of trial, do this instead:  Try telling God that you will trust where He is taking you (no matter what or where) and that you will love Him anyway…. no matter what comes.  I can promise you this;  it will change how you see your trials and it will certainly change how you handle them 🙂


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