Our journey home (continued)…

This town called George…

Well, we lived in that apartment for 6 months.  We had a year lease, but we just weren’t apartment people.  So, after six months, we began rental house hunting.  I had prayed since moving to Georgetown that we could find a house to rent for a while instead of apartment living.  I was hesitant to ask for specifics (corner lot, big yard, garage, rent we could afford, 3 bedrooms, clean, newer, not many previous renters, nice neighbors, safe, etc…) because I didn’t want to seem ungrateful, and I was ashamed of my super long list.  But I failed to remember that God not only hears our prayers, He knows our hearts 🙂

While we were out driving around one day, we happened onto a house (by accident) and it had a “for rent” sign in the yard.  It was a cute little white and red brick house on a corner lot.  We called the number and got the info.  Ok, now here is something that you need to know about this town called George……if a (nice) house is for rent, it doesn’t stay that way long!  Most of the ones we had looked at were already rented out the next day after finding them.  So, here we were a couple months after seeing this particular house.  We decided to go look again and just see what was available, so we drove by that particular house (just for kicks) because we knew that there was NO WAY it would still be available.  To our surprise, it was!!  Two plus months after finding it, it was still for rent!!!  So, we asked the lady if we could take a look at it (because we just knew that something had to be wrong with it lol)……and it was instant love.  Upon seeing it, we discovered it was only 1.5 years old, only had one renter in it’s lifetime (a single man), was on a corner lot, had a BIG ole yard, 3 bedrooms, garage, nice neighbors who are correction officers, one neighbor is a city policeman…….. everything that I had secretly wanted but didn’t ask for (well, thought I wasn’t asking for) haha.  I am sure that God gets a good laugh out of me on a daily basis 🙂

We signed the lease a few days later, and began moving all of our stuff into our first rental “house” and it was so much better.

Oh, and by the way, my cousin who found the ad in the paper for the Toyota job sent me a message that said the ad was only listed in our local paper one time…..1 time……ONE time!!!  She said that she made sure of it because she kept checking to see it again and it was never posted again 🙂  Imagine that!!  So, that is even more proof that God’s hand was/is all in this.   Gives me goosebumps and happy tears 🙂

I would still get homesick from time to time (well, almost weekly lol).  I still missed my house, and my porch, and my family, and my dogs, and our church, BUT, I was learning to trust God’s heart even when I couldn’t trace His hand (it was and still is a daily learning process).  We know that He has work for us to do here, and I am sure that when the time is right (His time), He will show us.  Of that, I am confident.  So, in the meantime, I am happy waiting on HIM…… He’s done and is doing everything else, the least I can do is wait 😉


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