For every Goliath, there is a stone…

“The Israelites saw the same giant that David saw – they just didn’t see the giant the same way.” – Tony Evans

The giant had been out there all day, every day mocking the Israelites and worse than that, mocking their God. And yet, not one would go against the giant.  Did they like the giant? NO. Did they like what the giant was saying? NO. Did it make them mad? I’m sure it did. But, did they step out in faith against the giant? Sadly, NO. They let their fear override their faith. They saw the BIGGNESS of the giant, and they didn’t see the BIGGNESS of their God.

That was until, a small shepherd boy appeared on the scene, bringing lunch to his scaredy-cat brothers. He saw the giant, he saw his bigness, and he heard his words. He heard him mocking his God. And, all of a sudden, that BIGGNESS didn’t matter anymore. He wasn’t about to let some “uncircumcised philistine” mock or say bad things about his God.

So, what did he do? Did he run and hide? NO! Did he try to find someone a little bigger or a little meaner to go against the giant? NO! He, himself, without another thought for his life, grabbed his slingshot and 5 stones from the ground and walked toward (NOT AWAY FROM) the giant. He didn’t need anyone behind him, other than his Lord. He had faith that the Lord would prevail, either way, he wasn’t backing down. He ran!! He ran toward the giant.

Side note: How hard would it be to walk toward a giant who has killed thousands upon thousands without anyone with you or without anyone behind you backing you up? I’m not sure I would have the courage to walk towards a giant who has killed person after person after person without breaking a nail in the process, let alone run.

While he was running toward the giant, the rest of the army of Israelites were standing back, shaking in their boots. Not David. I’m sure he was afraid as any human would be, but he couldn’t stand there another minute longer letting that giant talk about his God the way he was. Afraid or not, he couldn’t let that happen…… And, so, he ran! Not away, but toward that killer giant to stop him.

We’ve all faced the giants of life haven’t we?  One thing about it, it is scary, and it can be overwhelming.  But, the good news is, we don’t have to be afraid…. we have a BIG God who loves us and who is backing us up the whole way.   I would much rather face my giants with HIM by my side than anyone else in this world, wouldn’t you?  So the next time you are faced with a giant, go on, take a deep breath, whisper His name (over and over if you have to), and pick up your stones, because, for every giant, there IS a stone.  Blessings!!


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