Hmmm, what to call this one…

Oh my goodness y’all I have kind of been on stand by these past few days.
Why? You ask?
It is all because of a giraffe.
A giraffe that I don’t even know.  A giraffe that they say is supposed to have her baby “any moment now” but bless her heart, I think they are telling a tale on her.  They post these things on Facebook because they know that crazy people like me will lose all self control and hover around our computers watching this sweet things every move.
I had to take today off, well, because my house looks like a bomb went off in it, and well, I do have grandbabies to watch after all lol.
I may not watch anymore.  I just can’t even lol.  I’ve gave up too much already.  My own animals are now jealous of a giraffe that they don’t even know….. and haven’t even seen! 😮
In other news…..
Ah, who am I kidding, I know nothing….. just about a giraffe.
This is how I spend my days.

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