Our little farm…

“Home. The place where the table is sticky, the laughter is loud, and each of the kids’ growth is marked on the kitchen door frame. It’s where we’ve loved hopefully more than we’ve fought. It’s where we’ve gathered to both celebrate and grieve. It’s safety and serenity and the place we both lose and regain our sanity. It’s but a speck of a place on the map. And yet our hearts find their way back to it every time.”  (Lysa TerKeurst)

Since we have moved to our house here in Hicks Pike, I have recorded new growth, with marks for Jackson and each grandbaby on our pantry wall.  Our table (which is 80+ years old) is always sticky.  The house roars with laughter on most days, and babies crying on others.  I’m happy to say that there hasn’t been many fights, but there has been buckets upon buckets full of love.  Our whole family gathers here several times each month.  We celebrate, we eat, we talk, we laugh, and we love.  It is safety and it is so serene.  And, on hard days, I take long walks out on our property as often as I can, it is where I regain sanity.  And, it’s where I talk to Jesus.  It is a speck, but it’s our speck.  We love it! And, as long as I live, I hope to find my way back to it every time!

We have built chicken coops, barns, paddocks, hutches, and lots.  We have all sorts of animals and my hope is to get more.  It is a passion, and I love them all so much!
A few months after we moved here, we built a chicken coop and bought our first chickens.  We started out with 4 chicks and 2 ducks.  We named the chicks Ruby Rae, Pasty Rae, and Flygirl (our 4th chick didn’t make it the first night) and we named our ducks Sunnie and Lillie (Lillian).  We thought they were all girls.  Turns out, all of our chicks were girls and Sunnie is a girl, but Lillian was a boy.  But, we kept his name lol.
A few months later, we bought 9 more chicks.  They were Ameraucauna’s and we named them Ginger Marie, Ziggy Marley, Virginia Dare, Dixie Rose, Stella George, Anna (grit), Elsa (grime), Betsy Ross, and Henny Penny.
Not long after, we built a rabbit hutch and bought 3 female rabbits.  We named them Avery (brown), Blossom (black), and Cupcake (white).
Once we built the barn, we brought our sweet, spoiled completely rotten Mammoth Donkey…. Milo Rowe here to live.  And, because he was lonely, we brought him a ewe and her lamb.  We named the ewe Penelope (Penny) and we named the lamb Petunia Grace.
And, because I can’t go into tractor supply and NOT buy chicks during chick days, we bought six more chicks.  We got 3 black Australorpes and 3 red sex links (red stars).  We named the black ones Popp‪ie, Ivy, and Violet.  We named the red ones Fern and Daisy.  We lost the third red one the same night we brought them home.  This is kind of common with chicks.  Once again, we thought we were getting all girls.  Turns out, Poppie and Ivy were roosters.  So, they kept their names, we just tweaked them a little.  Ivy became Ivan the terrible, and Poppie became Poppie Leroy Brown because he’s the baddest rooster in the whole town…. possibly in the whole world.
In the spring of 2016, we got the call to take in a 3 day old Soay ram lamb that had been rejected by his mother.  Of course we went and got him asap!  We brought him home (literally, in the house) the same day and named him Mighty Samson.  We kept him in the house and bottle-fed him until he was three months old.  Then, he went to live in the barn with the “animals” because he wasn’t an animal.  He was our baby.
We also acquired two barn cats who have never spent their first day outside, nevertheless inside our barn.  So, our barn cats turned into house cats lol.  We named them Nisa (it’s Hebrew for miracle) and Dandelion.  Once again, we thought we had two girl cats.  They were both boys lol.  Of course lol.  We kept Nisa’s name but we shortened Dandelion’s name to Danny or Dan.  Plus, it sounds more like a boy.
And, a couple months ago, we got two baby pygmy goats.  A boy and a girl (For sure!) The boy (brown) is Otis Ray, and the girl (white) is Sadie Mae.
So, in addition to our four new grandbabies, we have many animal babies as well. Our little farm is more of a petting zoo than a working farm.  Our animals have a permanent home here for as long as they live.
I guess I should also add that we have lost a couple of our sweet babies.  We lost our ewe Penny May 30, 2016 and we lost our dear Samson November 18, 2016.  We loved them both so much and they have left a HUGE hole in our farm and in our hearts.
                                                 Mighty Samson Rowe
                                                           Our baby

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