Our farm babies…

When we first moved to our farm, I knew I wanted animals right away.  I just didn’t know which ones or which kind.
Instead of running out trying to find some.  I decided that I would let the “right” ones come to me.  So, I waited.
Our youngest son wanted a dog.  Before we moved here, we had to leave our dog at our home because we rented an apartment and then a subdivision house that didn’t allow dogs (He was a big, outside dog).  So, when we bought our farm, we knew we could go get him and bring him here.  Before we could go get him, he got into some trouble with some other dogs.  He was attacked by a pack of dogs and there wasn’t a place on him that wasn’t slashed open.  So, we went and got him and brought him “home.”  We also had gotten our son a puppy (Buttercup).  So, now we had 2 dogs, and all was well.

And, little by little the rest came… first it was 3 chicks (Ruby Rae, Pastie Rae, and Fly girl) and 2 ducks (Lillian who turned out to be a boy, and Sunnie Louise) from tractor supply because WHO can go in there during chick days and not come out with at least a box full?  They were our first farm babies.

Next came 3 rabbits because every decent farm needs some spoiled rabbits, right?  Well, we got 3 rabbits from a neighboring farm and named them Avery, Blossom, and Cupcake.  And, boy are they spoiled.  But, we love them.


Next came more chickens because what decent farm only has 4?  Not this farm lol.  So, we ended up with 12 total.  We have Red Stars, Americaunas, and Leghorns, and their names are: Elsa (Grit), Anna (Grime), Ginger Marie, Dixie Rose, Virginia Dare, Stella George, Henny Penny, Betsy Ross, and Ziggy Marley.

Next came a mammoth donkey named Milo…. just because I have always wanted a donkey.  He needed a new home because he doesn’t play well with others and wasn’t getting to eat.  So, he is our big, spoiled baby who now has his very own paddock with his very own run in (mini barn lol) and he is probably the most spoiled animal we now own.

Next came 2 Lincoln sheep.  A momma and her baby.  We named them Penelope (Penny) and Petunia.  They were slaughter house bound because Penny was of age and Petunia was born with crippled feet, and well, we just couldn’t let that happen.  We hoped to let them live with Milo, but he just wasn’t having it.

Next came 5 more chicks, because I’m that girl lol.  We got 2 red stars and 3 black australorps.  Well, two of the black australorps ended up being 2 roosters (not so happy about that).  We named the girls: Violet, Fern, and Daisy.  The roosters are Poppie (Leroy Brown) and Ivan.

Next came 2 “barn” cats… or that is what they were supposed to be lol.  Their momma died way before they were weaned so we had to bottle feed them.  They are now a year old and haven’t stepped foot inside our barn LOL.  They are and forever more will be house cats lol.  They are both boys and we named them Nisa (Hebrew for miracle because that is what he is) and Dandelion (Daniel, because we now know he is a boy lol).

After the cats, came a little 3 day old Soay ram lamb who needed a new “mom” because his momma rejected him.  Well, we all know that he was going to come here to live lol.  No question about that lol.  And, so, he did!  And he brought us so much joy.  We named him Mighty Samson because he was Mighty.

Next came 2 pygmy goats, because well, they are just so adorable lol.  We got a boy whom we named Otis Ray, and a girl we named Sadie Mae.  Talk about fun times!  LOL.

And, lastly came 2 mini horses.  We rescued a momma horse and her baby.  The momma is named Ivy Lea and she is just about the sweetest thing on earth!  The baby (boy) is named Oakley and he is just about as rotten as a mini stallion can be LOL.

There’s a downside to this post.  Farm living teaches some hard lessons.  Sadly, we have lost a few of our beloved animals (Samson, Lillie, Penny, Petunia, Fly girl, and Stella George).  Predators or sickness happens, and as sad as it is (and boy, it sure is!) it is one of the hardest parts of farm living.

Two of my most favorite animal quotes:

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”
~Anatole France

“God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he’ll be there.” ~Billy Graham


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