The giant I knew…

Some Giants you read about in the Bible and in church history, but there are others that you get the pleasure of knowing personally.

Now, I don’t mean giants like Goliath.  I mean giants like Paul, Elijah, Moses, Noah, Daniel, Ruth, Esther, Job, Nehemiah, and Joseph.  Giants in church history like Billy Sunday, Martin Luther, D.L. Moody, C.S. Lewis, and Billy Graham.  Just to name a few.

I had the great pleasure of knowing a giant like the ones listed above.  She was my grandmother.  And she was the praying-est woman that I have ever and possibly will ever know.  She was definitely a giant!  She had a faith so big and so deep that it was a blessing just to be around her.  She prayed about everything, she prayed for everyone she knew, she prayed continuously without ceasing.  If you were to walk up to her house, at any time day or night, you could hear her praying from the driveway.  She embodied the “let no person go un-prayed for” mentality.  And I know that when she died and opened her eyes up in heaven, there was rejoicing… LOUD rejoicing!

She was the mother of 6 children.  Her husband died at a very young age, and at a time when all of her children were very young.  Two of her children, her oldest son and her youngest son, were both born with an incurable disease that killed them both during the years of their 17th birthdays.  She cared for them and held each of their hands as they passed from this world… and she did it alone.  She raised all of her children alone.  She worked as a nurse aide in a nearby hospital.  Times were hard for them.  They never had money.  They never had new things, ever.  They never had any type of luxury.  They didn’t go on trips.  They hardly ever got the pleasure of going to the grocery store.  They grew what they ate and all their clothes were hand-me-downs.

She knew loss.  She knew heartache.  She knew pain.  She knew hurt.  And she knew scary.  And, even though she knew all these hard things, she also knew WHO was in control.  She made sure that her children attended church every time the doors were open.  And when the doors were closed, she would do the preaching to them herself.  They all (the ones she still had) grew up knowing the Lord.  She made that her life’s mission.  And, when they all married and left home, and the grandbabies started coming, she made sure that each grandbaby knew the Lord too.

I heard someone once say that they had a “drug” problem that they were proud of.  They were drug to church on Sunday mornings.  They were drug to church on Sunday nights.  And they were drug to church on Wednesday nights and every time the doors were open.  That is the kind of drug problem that each of her children and her grandchildren had, praise God!  She is the reason that most of us are still alive.  Her prayers for us have brought us through some very hard times, and her prayers are what have kept us going.

She knew, even throughout her very hard life, that God was with her every step of the way.  She would tell me, when I would ask her how in the world she did it, that if it wasn’t for the Lord, she would have never made it.  And then she would tell me to make sure that I keep Jesus in my heart and talk to Him all throughout each day, for the rest of my life.  She taught me that the most important relationship that I could ever have is with the Lord.  I have told her many times that I believe that she was born praying and shouting.  She would smile and say that it was the least she could do, and then she would tell me to never let my praying knees get weak.

I am so thankful that the Lord gave her to me.  What a blessing she was to each of her children and grandchildren.  Her strength and her faith was something so beautiful, and I hope to be half the Jesus woman that she was.  There isn’t a time that I pray that I don’t think of her.  I can’t wait to get to heaven to see her again.

I can’t help but think that everyone has this same kind of giant in their life, whether they know it or not.  It could be someone in your family or someone who is no relation to you at all.  It is someone who prays for you.  Someone who invites you to church or talks to you about Jesus every chance they get.  Someone who wants to see you have a relationship with the Lord so bad that they will do just about anything to help it happen.  Those people are worth their weight in gold.  Cherish every minute with them, and love them.  They love you.  And so does Jesus!


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