E I E I O…

I’m not sure, for the life of me, what I ever did for entertainment before I had all these “special” animals of mine.
I haven’t posted a farm update in a little while and we’ve had a few changes in the last little bit, so here goes…
Otis Ray (our little Pygmy goat boy) has been having a terrible time.  He started developing urinary crystals in his bladder and urethra.  We took him to the vet to try and get them out.  They tried to run a catheter through his urinary tract, but it was full of little hard crystals.  So, after a few tries at a couple different things, and a couple different vet visits, we opted for surgery.  The surgery re-routed his urethra to make it straight and gave him a new pee place, and wethered him (neutered).  So, basically, all his boy parts are non-existent now.  The surgery is considered a “salvage” surgery and we were told that it would only “buy him some time” 😦  In the days after, he would do really good for a few days, and then he would become blocked again.  So, we would have to take him to the vet to have his pee site flushed out and opened back up.  This has happened quite a few times so far.  Not the outcome we were hoping for.  But, in the process, he has become one of the tamest and sweetest little goats you will ever meet.  He thinks I’m his mom.  And, when we take him to the vet, they all know him by name.  As soon as he walks through the door, they will shout “Otis Ray is in the house!” lol.  He’s made many “friends” lol.
Since the last time we had him “flushed” (about 6 weeks ago) he has done exceptionally well!  Then a couple days ago, he became blocked up again 😦  We took him straight in to the vet and when we were in the waiting room, he dribbled a few drops out!  That is cause for celebration because our whole days (every single day) revolves around going out and seeing if Otis is peeing today or not.  Seriously.  Well, then when we took him back to the exam room, he starts dribbling even more!!!  This is the boy who hadn’t peed not one single drop for a whole day and a half!  And then, when his doctor comes in, he starts peeing good lol.  She said he just needed it scared out of him LOL.  Whatever works lol.  So, we are back to “watching Otis pee” on a daily basis here at the farm lol.  It’s a daily party when we see him pee…. Yeah, fun times…. be jealous lol.
During all this fun pee watching, we got a email from a sweet friend of ours who has Soay sheep.  She is the one we got Samson from.  She wanted to know if we’d be interested in taking on another bottle baby lamb.  YES!! Was my answer lol.  This little boy was born at another Soay sheep farm and his momma didn’t reject him until he was 10 days old.  The lady who had him still can’t figure out why, but the momma just didn’t want anything to do with him after nursing him for 10 days.  So, we went and picked him up.  So, not only do we “pee watch” but we bottle feed about 4 times each day.  He is a little Soay ram lamb (Like our sweet Samson) but he is an English Soay.  Samson was an American Soay.  It will be fun to watch him grow and see what the differences will be, if any.  We named him Levi Abraham.  And, he is just adorable, and so tiny.
And, since I am updating this, I guess I should add that today I had a big scare.  I bought a bag of alfalfa cubes to give to my horses and Milo… as treats.  Well, they are compressed alfalfa cubes and they are really hard, so I peel them into thin layers and give them to my babies.  Well, Milo managed to sneak out a whole one and had it in his mouth before I could get it.  And he would not let me get it out.  I thought, well, he is a big guy so maybe he can chew it up…. wrong! I’m not sure if he tried chewing it or just swallowed it whole, but he began choking!  He and I both freaked out.  I wasn’t sure how to help him and he was getting a little panicky.  So, I started doing the Heimlich maneuver on him and also massaged his neck to try and get it to either go up or down.  Well, something worked because after a little while (which seemed like hours) he upchucked it!  Praise the Lord!! He and I both were covered in donkey puke/slobber, but we were both happy about that LOL.  I told my husband that he and I are much closer now lol.  When I finally left to go to the house and change clothes, he tried coming with me lol.  He’s been attached to me ever since lol.
Rooster update.  We ended up with two roosters: Poppie and Ivan.  Poppie was meaner than a junkyard dog and would flog us every chance he’d get.  It got crazy bad.  We couldn’t go into the barn without getting flogged.  You couldn’t turn your back on him and you had to carry a big stick…. which only helped a little.  And then, Poppie began trying to kill Ivan on a daily basis.  I’m still not sure how Ivan has survived some his attacks.  Well, we ended up having to get rid of Poppie.  But we kept Ivan.  Ivan is a very mild, timid rooster.  They were night and day different from each other.  Since Ivan has become top rooster, he has had a little independence change lol.  When I let my girls out to free range each day, he will fly out of the barn lot and harass them.  They are not his fans, so they strongly oppose this attention he gives them.  I keep thinking that one day, one of the girls will kill him in his sleep lol.  He doesn’t manage to get out with them everyday, but at least a couple times a week.  Which results in me or my man chasing him all over the place trying to catch him and put him back in his lot.  So we get to do “chicken wrangling/chasing” each week here, and let me tell you, there is NO BETTER exercise LOL.   If you want a good workout, come on up 😉
Oh, I almost forgot.  The other day while the chickens were out free ranging (getting into trouble) I find my Ginger laying all crazy like.  I first thought she was dead.  Turns out, she was dust bathing and taking an afternoon nap lol.  And, on this same day, I go out into the motorhome to look for something and find my Pastie Rae is ready to go camping lol.
And, my barn cats who have never been in a barn or even outside this house sometimes will get on the entertainment wagon lol.
So, that’s about it.  That is how we spend our days here on our farm.  Goat taming, pee patrol, being a baby momma to orphaned lambs, around the clock bottle feedings, performing CPR on donkeys, being puked on by a variety of animals, chasing roosters, getting the occasional chicken out of the camper or house, or anywhere they aren’t supposed to be, and 24/7 cat antics….. e i e i o!!
Fun times here on our little farm.  And, we wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂  Stay tuned, you just never know what will happen next.

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