Every life has a story…

I’m a little behind on my blog posting lately.  No excuses, just life lol.  But, I’ve been doing a little Bible study of my own lately. I’ve been reading about Eve. I’ve heard so many different women say that when they get to heaven, they want to have a “little talk” with Eve.  Well, I too have said that a few times in my life. And, I am sure that the line for talking with Eve is almost as long as any other line in heaven, bless her heart.  But, I wanted to know more about her, and so I began reading.

We’ll start with her name, it means “life-giving” or “Mother of all who have life.” That’s a pretty important name, right there!

As I’m reading, I begin to realize that when Adam and Eve came into this world, they came without ever knowing trials, suffering, being misunderstood, embarrassment, shame, any kind of hurt, envy, bitterness, fear, grief, guilt, insecurity, doubt, loss, and the list goes on and on. They came without knowing any of the sad, bad, and uncomfortable things that we live with on a daily basis. They had complete and perfect peace with their Creator. And, with each other. Now, that is true joy.

Imagine never knowing what it felt like to be misunderstood, or embarrassed, or hurt, or afraid, or hungry, or cold, or insecure, or guilty, or ashamed, or anxious, or nervous, or angry, or bitter, or jealous, or lonely, or grief stricken. Wow, now that would be Paradise indeed!

Too bad it didn’t last long.

Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. Powerful words. Powerful description.

My husband and I have a pretty sweet relationship. My mother in law calls us John and Olivia (The Walton’s) and our kids get totally grossed out by our public displays of affection (g-rated of course!). But, we’ve been married for 30 years, so we’ve had some time to grow some deep roots with each other. But, when I consider that I am bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, wow! Makes me love him even more! Adam and Eve were just that and so much more! And, from the very beginning!! They walked through Eden together at peace with each other and at peace with God. Beautiful. No shadows filled Eden, no disorder, no dysfunction, no discord, no fear.

Until one day…

I think it is easy for us to say “that darn Eve, if only she’d been stronger” because I think that any woman, or man for that matter, would have fallen victim to the devil’s schemes. We do that on a daily basis, now. He’s not only just some little whisper in our ear, he roams about like a lion seeking it’s next victim. It’s up to us to arm ourselves against him.

Sin had driven it’s wedge inside their hearts, and God banished them from Eden.

As often as I have read their story in Genesis, I had never realized that the Lord banished them from Eden so that they wouldn’t eat from the tree of life. I don’t know why, but I must have missed that part, or didn’t pay close enough attention. He banished them because the curse of death had suddenly fallen on their new world. Because of their choices, they now had to know pain. They had to know hurt. They had to know sorrow. They had to know grief. And, they had to know death.

And sorrow upon sorrow entered her heart.

Imagine being the very first woman to ever give birth. Ever! Today we have doctors, midwives, medicine, epidurals (praise the Lord!) and encouraging hands to hold. I wonder if she understood the miracle taking place inside her womb. Especially when her first baby began to move around inside of her. I wonder if she knew instant love for her unborn child. It’s easy for us to know these things because so many have went before us. Eve was the trailblazer. She had no one to guide her and tell her what was going on inside of her. The Bible doesn’t say anything about whether or not Eve knew what was happening to her, but it does say that she knew that life was given only by God. (Genesis 4:1)

Think of all that goes with having a baby; labor, delivery, cord cutting, suctioning, cleaning off the covering, dispelling the afterbirth, washing the baby and wrapping it in swaddling blankets, and nursing it. Plus, so much more! Bless her heart, how on earth did she do all of that without knowing how to?

Grace? Yes, I think so!

Even with the curse upon her, so is God’s wonderful promise to her (and to us all): “You will give birth to children” (Gen. 3:16). God’s grace and mercy were upon her, even as he pronounced judgement. He promises her that the human race will continue even as He announces that death is, sadly, inevitable. That is when we see God’s grace; through His judgements, and through our trials and our messes. When we’re at our lowest, that is when God’s grace is most visible, and hard at work.

From Eve’s sin, women throughout the centuries are bearing the results of her choice. But, it also unites us all in a common bond. Although unusual, a strong bond, nonetheless. The pain and the process is of Eve herself, but the results (the baby and the bond between the mother and child) are only something God can give.

We were made for paradise. The joys we share on this earth can’t hold a light to what God has in store for us! Imagine for a moment that Eve didn’t fall for the devil’s schemes. Imagine what it would be like had life continued in the garden of Eden. Imagine peace in all of our relationships. All of them! Imagine no suffering. Imagine no physical or emotional pain. Imagine no death…

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.” (1 Cor. 2:9)



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